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White Bean Quesadillas

White Bean Quesadillas

Ok, this recipe is the easiest thing ever. It is adapted from "A Modern Way to Cook" by Anna Jones with my own spin on it. Not only are these quesadillas so tasty, but they can also pretty much be made to suit any dietary restrictions or price-range. I'd recommend them with a side of guac! For those who don't typically cook, this recipe is a great place to start!


2 green onions

Olive oil

Pinch of paprika

1 can of white beans

Small jar of roasted red peppers

1 lemon (optional)

1/2 bunch of parsley

1 heaping cup shredded Manchego cheese (leave out if vegan or trying to make these inexpensively - add more beans instead)

2 tortillas or wraps

First, drain the white beans and thoroughly wash them. Put them into a medium-sized bowl and partially mash them. For the cheese, we shredded about a cup of Manchego and added it to the beans. We almost opted for a different cheese because we had a difficult time finding Manchego that was within our price range. However, we decided to splurge because there are not a lot of other cheeses with that same, subtle taste of Manchego. While it really ended up adding a lot of creaminess to the quesadilla, the overall flavor of the dish would not be very different if you choose to forgo the cheese and add some extra white beans instead.


Cut the red peppers into medium sized cubes and set them into the bowl as well. Wash a 1/2 bunch of parsley as well. Chop it up and toss it in with the rest! If you want to give the quesadilla a lighter taste, zest the lemon and add it to the bowl.


Next, slice up some green onions and toss them into a pan along with the paprika and a splash of olive oil. Simmer at medium heat. I would definitely not skimp on the green onions and paprika because this step gives your quesadillas so much more flavor. After the onions start to brown, turn off heat. Add this olive oil- onion mix to the bowl. 


After everything is added to the bowl, spread the mix onto one side of a tortilla and fold it over. Put onto a pan on medium heat and allow it to cook for a couple of minutes on each side. You can add a little oil to bottom of the pan but not a lot is really necessary. After your quesadilla is cooked however you like it, add a dollop of guac to it and enjoy!!!


After making this recipe, we discovered that there are so many different variations of it that would still taste delicious. after making this, my friend and I especially want to try it with black beans!  Hope that you all have a happy week of good eats and fall weather! 

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