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Cafe Roze (Nashville, TN)

Cafe Roze (Nashville, TN)

Trying new restaurants is my favorite way to explore a city. Therefore, when traveling to Nashville for the state cross country meet, my mom and I decided that we'd have to stop at a local hot spot in order to get a little taste of the city before we left. After hearing about Cafe Roze through social media, I knew this would be the perfect spot to splurge in celebration of ending the cross country season. Yes, it was a little more expensive than the restaurants I typically go to in Memphis, but it was so delicious and different from anything I've had. Although Cafe Roze only opened four months ago, it had the cuteness and comfortablness of a restaurant open for four years. Even upon entering at even two in the afternoon, we were astonished to see almost every table filled with people. And, after enjoying this food yesterday, that does not surprise me at all.


 As a table, we got the Roze Latte, the Black Sesame Latte, and the Matcha Latte! Although all delicious, I would say the Black Sesame Latte may have been the one I would most recommend. It is truly different from any drink you could get anywhere else and is so creamy and flavorful. However, if you're wanting something with caffeine, the Roze Latte is the way to go.


My mom, my friend Caroline, and I were all eyeing the avocado-hummus toast on the menu so we decided to all split it as an appetizer. It made the perfect start to this meal and this plus our entrées was the perfect amount of food. This combination of both avocado and hummus as a spread was insanely delicious creamy and the bread used was so fresh! I would definitely recommend this to anyone wanting something a little more than the traditional avo toast. 


The egg bowl is the perfect breakfast or brunch option with your choice of either scrambled or poached eggs, bulgur, kale, avocado, and a little lemon yogurt for creaminess! Exceptionally fresh and light yet also very hearty. 


The Farro Salad was so creative and beautiful! The miso ranch on this salad was amazing and perfectly brought together the flavors of this salad. 

The Roze Bowl, complete with quinoa, lentils, roasted zucchini, kale, pickled beets, and beet tahini, was an amazing mix of all of my favorite flavors. The turmeric eggs that I added to it made it filling and even more flavorful but it would also taste delicious with either the chicken or salmon protein options as well. Quite possibly the best quinoa bowl I've ever had!


The owner and chef of Cafe Roze, Julia Jaksic also the owns and created the menu for the well-known Jack's Wife Freda in SoHo, NYC and a bustling restaurant in Singapore. I had gone to her restaurant in New York so it was very cool to meet the creative person behind these awesome menus and spots! 


Yes, at surface level this place may seem like one of those hoity toidy brunch spots. Yet, my experience was quite the opposite. In fact, the staff were all so accommodating and genuine that that alone would keep me coming back. Needless to say, I would 100% recommend this cute cafe to anyone venturing to the Nashville area - they're open until 12 every night except Sunday!

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