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Best Places to Study in Memphis

Best Places to Study in Memphis

While it can be pretty hard to make this upcoming week of exams super enjoyable, I believe that studying somewhere fun and different from your home can make it a little more bearable. So, whether you're seeking out an escape from your typical study routine or are in dire need of caffeine to fuel your cram sesh, these friendly, local coffee shops have got you covered.

Cafe Eclectic

Highland & Harbor Town: Mon-Fri 6:30a-4p, Sat: 8a-4p, Sunday 9a-3p; Midtown: Mon-Sat 7a-9p, Sun 9a-3p

Both the Harbor Town and University of Memphis (Highland) locations of Cafe Eclectic are top notch places to study during exam week, especially if you are wanting to study in a group. While the Midtown location is great, it's more of a restaurant style with servers while the other two are an "order at the front" style that is a little better for a study session. However, be aware that parking can be difficult for both the Highland and Harbor Town locations as spots are limited. Nevertheless, all of the locations have lots of seasonal drinks like the gingerbread latte, eggnog latte, and white or dark peppermint mochas and they also have lots of food items to keep you fueled during your studies. I would recommend the Funky Salmon, black bean wrap, and granola cereal. If you're not feeling any fancy coffees, their Illy drip coffee is also fantastic. 

City and State

Mon-Fri 7a-6p, Sat 8a-6p, Sun 8a-2p

If you are wanting to do a solo study sesh, City and State is the perfect, quiet spot. While it's not necessarily conducive for group studying, the peaceful vibe and overall layout there makes it perfect for studying by yourself. (Although, be forewarned - the chairs do not have backs.) Their winter drink menu is currently rockin' with a basil-mint latte, a Nutcracker latte (nutty flavor mixed with holiday spices), a butterscotch latte, a Lumberjack latte (maple, pecan, and cinnamon), an eggnog latte, and a brown sugar-cinnamon matcha. So, whether you are wanting to get in the holiday spirit through these drinks, get some good work done, or both, City and State is a great place to go. 

Avenue Coffee

Mon-Sat 7a-10:30p, Sun 1a-7p

Avenue Coffee is always one of my go-to spots for studying during the week because it has a great vibe and really friendly employees. Although it can be a bit bustling with University of Memphis students on weekends and weekday afternoons, it is typically pretty quiet from around 7-noon and 6-close. It's the perfect place for both group and solo studying and is open later than most places in East Memphis. They also have muffins, pots of tea, and two December specials to even put your study session in the Christmas spirit: The Noggy or Nice (an eggnog latte) and the Winter Wonderlatte (a peppermint mocha). This month, tips go toward No Exceptions Prison Collective so be sure to tip well!

Muddy's Grindhouse

Mon-Fri 6:30a-9p, Sat 7a-9p, Closed Sun

Muddy's Grindhouse has a happy feel, great employees, and a study room that generally stays pretty quiet. To put yourself in the Christmas spirit, the December coffee is their "Santa Baby Mocha" (a peppermint mocha) and their case is currently full of Christmas themed cupcakes as well as some vegan ones. It is also home to my all-time favorite treat: the vegan chocolate peanut butter bar. The mornings and weeknights are probably the chillest times to study there.  

The Hub Coffee

Mon-Fri 7a-7p, Sat 8a-7p, Sun 8a-1p

The Hub has now become one of my favorite study spots and is awesome for those living in East Memphis and Germantown. Although it is within Highpoint Church, it is still kept pretty separate from it. Like I said in my recent post about this spot, it is spacious, friendly, and has great coffee. However, while it is usually pretty quiet here throughout the week, church services on Sunday morning and Wednesday night make it pretty loud and busy so I wouldn't recommend studying there during those times. Right now their Christmas drink specials are some of the coolest I've seen! This month, you can make any of their lattes either "Naughty" with the addition activated charcoal or "Nice" with peppermint extract, nutmeg, and a candy cane added to it (both pictured above). Whether you choose to do them hot or iced, both specials are extremely delicious and can be made with almond or coconut milk for no extra charge!

While these are the main spots I frequent during an exam week, Otherlands and Java Cabana are also really good study spots that are both open pretty late on Sundays. Otherlands is generally pretty peaceful, has a great chai, and is open from 7a-8p everyday. Java Cabana has a lot of different pot-of-tea options and is open pretty late throughout the week (Tues-Thurs 9a-10p, Fri-Sat 10a-10p, Sun 12a-9p, closed Mon).

I hope these spots make this next difficult week a little brighter. Happy studying and happy end to your semester :)

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