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Sweet Potato Pie Smoothie Bowl

Sweet Potato Pie Smoothie Bowl

Christmastime has me wanting anything and everything I eat to have a seasonal flavor. So, in an attempt to make a smoothie bowl that tasted kind of like gingerbread, I stumbled upon something even better: a sweet potato pie smoothie bowl. This bowl literally taste like a more refreshing version of this beloved holiday pie. The sweetness of the banana balances perfectly with the flavors of the spices, giving you a bowl great for dessert. And, it is also filling enough to be a fun and festive breakfast (maybe even for Christmas morning)! So, whether you need some holiday vibes during a hot summer day or a healthier way to put yourself in the holiday spirit during winter, this bowl is sure to do the trick!


1 banana (frozen)

1 small sweet potato (roasted and peeled)

1/4 cup milk (dairy, almond, coconut, etc.) 

1 tbs almond butter

1/4 ts cinnamon 

1/4 ts nutmeg 

3/4 ts ground ginger

Dash of maple or honey (optional)



1.) Roast the sweet potato in oven or cook it in the microwave. Set in fridge until cool. 

2.) Blend the frozen banana, chilled sweet potato, a little of the milk, almond butter, cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger, and maple together in the blender. Continue to add more milk, stir, and blend until the consistency is smooth and creamy. 

3.) Pour into a bowl and top with anything you'd like! I recommend it topped with roasted pumpkin seeds, dried cherries, coconut flakes, and extra cinnamon. If you want to have this as a smoothie, just add more liquid and blend a little longer! 

Merry Christmas and enjoy!

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