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Spring Picnic Planning

Spring Picnic Planning

Each year, I tend to equate the beginning of spring with an annual "blooming of the cherry trees" picnic. Personally, I think my favorite way of ridding myself of the gloomy winter months is by sprawling out on a blanket underneath these trees while celebrating warmer days to come. Yet, throughout the years, as this spring picnic becomes increasingly anticipated after a long winter (well, long by Memphis standards), I have begun to pore over picnic recipes and ideas on the internet for weeks, convinced that this year will be "the perfect picnic." Yet, after this week's annual picnic, I realized that "the perfect picnic" in no way means hours of planning or cooking. In fact, it can be thrown together extremely last minute with with just some finger foods and a blanket! I hope this post gives you some customizable ideas for a picnic that is quick and healthy, yet has the feel of being elaborate and special. 

Snacking/ Side Ideas

Savory: carrots and hummus/tzatziki, pasta salad (bring utensils), olives, chips and guac, almonds

Fruit: grapes,"cutie" oranges, any berries, cherries, kiwi (bring a utensil), watermelon, apples and peanut butter

Main Dish Idea

Smoked Salmon and Lavash Wrap

Wraps are a great finger food option. Quick to assemble and very portable! 

*Yields 3+ servings

1 packet of lavash bread (a thin flatbread, can also use any other type of wrap)

1 package of smoked salmon

1 tomato

1/2 avocado


Tzatziki sauce


1.) Prep the ingredients. Cut the tomato into slices and pull/cut apart the smoked salmon until you get several thin layers of it.

2.) Stack all of the ingredients and roll into a wrap!


  • This dish can easily be made vegetarian by replacing the salmon with an alternative protein and be made vegan by also using a different sauce. For those who eat meat, chicken is a tasty (and slightly cheaper) option to use instead of the salmon.

  • Feel free to experiment with other sauces. My friend used hummus and really enjoyed the more subtle flavors of that within this wrap.

  • You can always add or change around the veggies to fit whatever is currently in your fridge!

Other Things To Bring

For the food: utensils, non-breakable plates/containers, water bottles, napkins, large picnic bag

Miscellaneous: picnic blanket, jacket (for Springtime weather), sunglasses, portable speaker,bug spray & sunscreen (if necessary)


No matter if you arrive with just a few strawberries or come prepared with a full-blown meal, I hope this picnic will give you a chance to relax, catch up with friends, and get excited about the warmer weather ahead. If you live in Memphis, you should definitely head to Cherry Road by the Botanic Gardens while the cherry trees are still in bloom! Enjoy :)

Also, thank you to my friend Nina for the cute "granolagrrl" plate pictured at the top! 

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