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Guide to 30A

Guide to 30A

As it is Fall Break season and 30A area is a popular beach vacation spot for Memphis locals, I thought that putting out some suggestions from this area would be helpful! In previous beach trips to this area, my family opted to cook for a majority of the meals instead of going out, but because it rained for a lot of my most recent trip, we decided to use that as an opportunity to further explore the food scene in the area. During our short stay, we discovered and returned to lots of great local spots, some of which I may have not known existed if not for some prior recommendations! So, for all those who may be going to 30A soon, I hope this post gives you some guidance of not only good spots to go to, but also great dishes to get once you are there.

La Crema Tapas & Chocolate (Rosemary Beach)

For anyone who has ever been to 30A, you know that La Crema is the restaurant “hot spot” of the area. And, just to let you know, the 2 hour wait time (they don’t take reservations) is well worth it - their tapas and desserts are incredible. If you were only planning on eating out for one meal during your stay on 30A, La Crema would be your best bet. Although all of the tapas are delicious, some favorites are enfuego shrimp, paella, hummus, and brussels sprouts. As far as the desserts go, the dark chocolate fondue is a great thing to share!! If wanting something rich, the hot chocolate molten cake is divine. Although the food can be a little pricey, this place is such a special dining experience and truly one of the gems of this area.

Black Bear Bread Company (Grayton Beach)

This year was my first year going to the beach while this place was open and wow, best breakfast on 30A! This place has acai bowls, ham, egg, and cheese breakfast sandwiches, and everything in between. Although it is a small space, the fast-casual dining aspect of it allows the line to move quickly and the seating to not be an issue. Both the smoked salmon tartine and the grains bowl were absolutely delightful. In addition, my family agrees that this place also has some of the best coffee on 30A. I would definitely recommend Black Bear Bread Company to anyone searching for some clean yet delicious food while in the area. Also, check out the super refreshing and local Noli South Kombucha while here! It is also sold in a couple of other spots including Amavida and the Seaside Farmer’s market.


Five Daughters Bakery (Seaside)

Although I have already raved about Five Daughters Bakery on my Nashville post, I will do it again here. Their paleo donuts, especially the espresso ones, are simply delicious! If spending a day walking around Seaside, grabbing a donut from their food truck there is a must.


Amavida Coffee Roasters (Seaside and Rosemary)

This was a great hangout spot to escape the beach craziness for a few hours. Although many people usually just grab something to-go, I loved sitting at one of the outside tables and people watching for a bit. I would definitely suggest getting a matcha latte!


Seaside Farmer’s Market

If you are in town on either Saturday or Tuesday mornings anytime from 8 to 12, definitely stop by the Farmer’s Market. The NaturBaker stand was amazing, featuring cookies that are both vegan and gluten-free yet still taste delicious. As well as this stand, there is also typically a stand for the Noli South Kombucha with free samples. Also, I was able to find some adorable plants and pottery while looking around here. While there, be sure to stop in the Motica Market for some rosemary bread. Even if you are not wanting to purchase anything, this Farmer’s Market is definitely worth stopping by.

Although this post was a couple of months overdue, I am so happy to have gotten to share some recommendations! For me, bonding over food is the ideal way to spend time with others on a vacation and I hope that this post makes where to go a little bit easier. Hope that this helps anyone thinking about vacationing to this area! 

Crosstown Arts Cafe (Memphis, TN)

Crosstown Arts Cafe (Memphis, TN)

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