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About Me

Hi I'm Madeleine! I'm a rising sophomore at Rhodes College in Memphis, TN. I have lived in Memphis my entire life and have fallen in love with the city and the evolving food scene here. If I'm not found at a local restaurant or coffee shop, I am probably bopping around a local farmers market, singing in my a cappella group, or eating nut butter straight out of the jar. I know that a big passion of mine is making healthy food more accessible and affordable for everyone and am trying to shift granolagrrl so it reflects that mindset a bit more. Although I am undecided on my major, I will most likely be studying Urban Studies, Business, or both.

 Although my love of food began around the time I entered high school, my image of being a "foodie" did not begin until 2016 when I created an Instagram under the name of "granolagrrl." This instagram was actually born out of an attempt to combat a rather unhealthy relationship with food in order to put the food I ate into a more exciting light for myself. Through my summer smoothie bowl recipes that turned into more complex recipes throughout high school, I began to realize that my posts not only put food into a more positive light for myself, but they were beginning to encourage others to do the same.

Although I am pescatarian for environmental reasons, I follow one main guideline when it comes to food: choose healthy options that I know will make me feel good (most of the time!) This blog's goal is to make people more aware of some cool restaurants and healthy options for any price range, especially in the Memphis area! Whether you are deciding to splurge at a restaurant, eat out cheaply, or stay in, I hope this blog provides you with an array of both fun and healthy options and inspirations! Enjoy!



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